CDT's Cooperative Agreement with ALTA

A leading national provider of language services for over 30 years

ALTA ( offers a wide variety of language services to individuals, businesses including large corporations, and government entities. The services include providing interpreters, translations, language testing, language training, and accent reduction.  This company also recognizes the importance of speech perception training in learning a new language such as English (

ALTA recommends CDT’s SPATS-ESL to its customers who are interested in improving their skills in quickly and accurately perceiving spoken English even in the presence of competing conversational backgrounds. ( aspx.)

CDT’s staff will supervise and assist ALTA’s clients as they progress through their training with the SPATS-ESL software.  In return the ALTA clients will allow their data to be used (anonymously) for research in this important area.

Read ALTA's blog and see what the general public is saying about Communication Disorders Technology.

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